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Our Passion
Promotion of a sound service delivery culture where highest premium is placed on achievement of "CUSTOMER DELIVERY" with a humane disposition in all our business transactions.

 At KOEMAN Nigeria Limited. Our world revolves around our customers. We are also resolutely aligned with the preservation of our environment as a gift from Mother Nature, truly loaned to human generations yet unborn. Subsequently, all operational activities are carried out with care for the environment uppermost in our mind using environmentally friendly materials.

Our Mission
To eliminate all stress and anxieties associated with relocations, removals and other activities associated with supply chain process (local and international) with the overall objectives of minimising the losses and maximising the profits of our clients.

Our Vision
To operate a corporate outfit with best practices in our procedures and business integrity as our bedrock in relation to our clients, such that they are assured REAL VALUE FOR MONEY.

The training forums provided by these professional associations to which we belong avail our staff the much needed industry updates and trend for continuous improvement in our procedures and processes.

At KOEMAN Nigeria Limited, we have extensive networking of companies all over the world with which we have business relationships for mutual benefits. Our personnel visit Europe and the continent of America regularly, where we attend conferences and form alliances with several companies in the same service industry.
Anywhere in the world, our extensive network and resources will always be there to meet your moving needs.



We have an excellent idea...

How CRUCIAL Time IS...!

That’ true.

In this business; our operations have been streamlined to meet your individual needs.

With solid business rapport in all ports of entry for all types of shipments into the country, we are able to deliver on our promises to clients within a turn-around time rate making us one of the fastest in the industry.

For further enquiries, we are ready to take your calls anytime 24/7.